Pixel Brain is an advertising agency that bridges strategic insight, imaginary talent and thorough technological knowledge to deliver results for our clients. Since our birth , we have remained independent and hence maintained the curious and experimental spirit at our agency. At the same time we have attractedhighly talented digital artists enabling us to create some of the most revolutionary and effective communication solutions in the industry. As one of the small number of companies that can provide multi platform creative solutions, we are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the marketing future.
Pixel Brain's strength lies in synergy between a highly experienced team of Art director, designer, photographer, videographer and animator from diverse backgrounds and cultures, who understand the creative needs of contemporary audience.The team enjoys handling all aspects of the creative process, from start to finish concept, direction, design, animation,editorial and finishing. We are not just an advertising agency but we also consult our client to do things the right way. Our winning formula combines talent, experience and enthusiasm to deliver effective results on time and within budget.